A transgender athlete won the women's high jump competition and sparked controversy in the United States: Martina Navratilova was angry

May Jack sparked controversy in the United States after finishing first at the New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletics Championships.

One of the news sparked controversy in the United States after A Transgender athlete She won the women's high jump championship. My money JackA sophomore at Kearsarge Regional High School, she sparked controversy over the weekend after taking first place at the New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association (NHIAA) indoor track and field championships.

Jackfrom the KearSurge team, It ended with a sign 1.57 metres, like her competitor Savannah Cuomo, but won the gold medal because she had the least amount of empty jumps. Miley also competed in the 1,500 metres, an event in which she finished ninth.

The news sparked controversy in the North American sports world and even the tennis legend Martina Navratilova Share his feelings on social networks. “I'm going to keep saying this ad nauseum until the rules change: “Women's sports are no place for failed athletes.”“, he wrote in his account s Former player.

The NHIAA, a nonprofit entity charged with overseeing high school athletics in the state, allows athletes to choose which gender division they want to compete in, a policy that has not changed despite growing controversies. Jack's participation and consecutive victories in women's indoor competitions have received national attention, sparking a debate about equality and opportunity in women's sports.

Mile Jack, a transgender athlete, won the high jump competition and sparked controversy in the United States

Riley Gainesa prominent American swimmer with twelve titles and an advocate for women's sports, publicly criticized Jack's parents for allowing their son to compete in a category that, according to her, It deprives women of opportunities. Gaines also questioned the lack of action by mathematics parents. Their statements reflect growing concern about the impact of these attitudes on women's sports.

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On the other hand, some New Hampshire legislators, especially Democrats, have expressed their opposition to any legislative proposal that seeks to… Restricting the participation of transgender athletes in sports competitions according to their assigned gender. The website said Rep. Tim Horrigan (D-Dover) downplayed Jack's standing in the women's high jump, calling her a competitor of little importance. New Hampshire Magazine.

This issue remains a focal point in the broader debate about the rights of transgender and gender diverse athletes in sports, and balancing inclusion, competitive fairness and opportunities for women in school sports.

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