The Palworld player creates a massive city inspired by Attack on Titan

Manuel Gutierrez

A creative Palworld player has built a giant city with dividing walls inspired by the ones we saw in Attack on Titan. Find out here how he did it.

Since its launch less than a month ago, we have seen how Palworld players have been creative enough to build amazing and unusual rules, some of which can even be considered a childhood dream for many.

Despite the game's limitations in terms of construction, there are players who simply go the extra mile and it's not a hindrance. One player was able to use his imagination to build a Pal City inspired by the one we saw in Attack on Titan, with walls and everything.

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Additionally, he gave fans a tour of his creations to give fans a look at all of his work, and best of all, he used a song from the opening of Attack on Titan to make it even more epic. You will be able to see its amazing city This is a reddit post.

Players were excited about this Palworld city

Many players in the community have found a similar structure to Wall Mary, Wall Rose, and Wall Sheena from Isayama's works. Apparently, it didn't take long for the post to go viral, with many congratulating the creator.

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Bro, what's this, you're definitely playing another game, it's a city worth it.“A player added

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Meanwhile, one person said:Be careful, a giant might come and start destroying things“.

Another user couldn't help but wonder: “Who will be the most Titan-like companion in the game? Maybe Relaxaurus just because they're giant and stupid?“.

Now install a mod that adds the big friends that attack your city. Next, create a group called the Survey Corps and assign them the task of defending your “city”.“Another commented, proposing his idea.

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Aside from the comments about Attack on Titan, there are also other players who think that the city resembles Ba Sing Se from Avatar and King's Landing from Game of Thrones.

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