Senior diplomat Cameron says the UK is considering recognizing Palestinian statehood

he British Foreign Secretary David Cameron He says he United kingdom Will consider recognizing Palestinian state To achieve a “Irreversible” peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Last night, at the reception of Arab ambassadors in the House of Commons, Cameron He called for “a political horizon for this.” [los palestinos] He added: “They can see that there will be irreversible progress towards a two-state solution and, essentially, the establishment of a Palestinian state.” The Times of Israel.

“We have a responsibility there because we have to start defining what a Palestinian state will look like; What I will understand; “How will it work,” he says. Cameron. While that happens, we will consider with our allies the issue of recognizing a Palestinian state, including in Israel United nations. This may be one of the things that helps make this process irreversible.

he United kingdom The Palestinians are pushing a five-point plan that would mean an end to the fighting, a “political horizon” for a two-state solution, and a technocratic Palestinian government to govern both countries. episode Like the West Bank. Leaders agitation They will be expelled to another country.

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