A police officer is punished for running over Lucy the cow in the United Kingdom

A police officer tried to arrest him A cow in full flight Police announced that hitting her with his utility vehicle in southern England was punishment Sunday.

The incident occurred on Friday night, after police in Surrey, south of London, received a call after seeing a cow in a residential area in the small town of Staines upon Thames.

And in the pictures that were circulated social networks According to British media, it appears that a police car hit the animal twice, causing its head and upper body to be trapped under the car.

The scene sparked a wave of criticism against the police and the Minister of Interior. James Cleverlyinteracted in s.

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I see no reasonable need for such action. “I have requested urgent and complete clarifications,” he announced.

The police announced, on Sunday, that they had referred the file to the body supervising the work of the aforementioned security apparatus, and that they had “removed the concerned officer from the field” pending the end of the investigation. investigation.

“I am fully aware of the chaos caused by our handling of this incident, and I will ensure it is thoroughly and diligently investigated,” Surrey Deputy Chief Constable Nev Kemp said in a statement.

The police explained on Saturday that after several failed attempts to arrest cow With “public safety” in mind, “the decision was made to prohibit her from using the vehicle.”

the cowHe is ten months old and is calledBoo LucyShe was injured in her leg and was examined by a veterinarian. “It’s better,” the owner told the PA news agency.

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