A mine collapse in Kenya causes five deaths – Prensa Latina

A firefighter who participated in the rescue efforts the previous day indicated that some of the wounded are in critical condition, after having pulled them out from under the rubble, and are now receiving assistance in the hospital in Kakamega district.

“They had varying degrees of soft tissue injuries and some of them were seriously injured,” the rescuer said.

According to the first information, the collapse was caused by the torrential rains recorded in the area in recent weeks, which led to the collapse of one of the walls of the mine, where about 30 people work.

Zakka Chitandasi, the local manager of the deposit, told the press that most of the workers trapped at the site are young residents of the area, who work as casual laborers.

“We are not sure that 27 miners have been rescued from the mine. We (miners) have just rescued those we managed to put in our hands.” Michael Magambo, a participant in the rescue effort, said: “It is unfortunate that the county does not have structures to respond to such a response. Emergency.

In March last year, the deputy governor of Kakamega, Philip Kotima, ordered the closure of all gold mines in the region, considering them to be sources of the spread of Covid-19.

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