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The Ministry of Culture declared the nation’s cultural heritage the three pre-Hispanic cultural assets recently returned from the United Kingdom, for their historical, scientific and social value: two jugs and a ceramic vessel belonging to the Chancay and Churajón cultures.

Ministerial Decision No. 000145-2022-VMPCIC/MC highlights that these assets have historical, artistic, aesthetic and scientific significance.

He also explains in detail that they were declared a cultural heritage of the nation because they came from creativity and artisanal production that included specializing in various activities in ancient Peru, such as porcelain, textiles, and metals.

The Ministry of Culture stated in a press release that it has an aesthetic value because its designs are a means of cultural expression and represent a valuable source of knowledge.

Scientific value

In these pieces, the decorative motifs stand out with elaborate strokes that maintain harmony in the composition, the ministry explained. Meanwhile, the color used matches the styles of the Chancay and Churajón cultures.

In addition, they have scientific value because they allow the interpretation of technological, ideological, symbolic, social and cultural processes, and constitute an important source of information that provides greater knowledge about Chancay and Churajón communities.

“The inhabitants of these cultures demonstrated their ingenuity in handling raw materials, manufacturing techniques and decoration, providing social value, as they promoted cultural values,” the press release added.

voluntary return

These movable cultural assets – two jugs and a ceramic vessel – recovered thanks to the voluntary return by a citizen to the Peruvian Consulate in London, reinforce the identity of the Peruvians, as they are assets recovered from the illegal trade.

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The Bureau of Culture stressed that it also constitutes “a model for the efforts of the state to restore and protect the cultural heritage of the nation.”

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Publication date: 6/7/2022

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