A goal and an assist for the United States to beat Bolivia in its first Copa America appearance

United State He had no problems in the 2 to 0 defeat Bolivia In the first appearance of the two teams in Group C of the Copa America. Goals were scored by Christian Pulisic And Folarin Balogunboth in the first half.

Soon the local team began to resolve the duel with the Bolivians. Two minutes later, after a corner kick from the left side, captain Pulisic received the ball and with an accurate shot from outside the penalty area overcame the goalkeeper’s rush. Viscara. At the end of the same stage, with a cross shot with his left foot, Balogun scored the final goal, 2-0. It could have been crushed but in the final stretch the Bolivian goalkeeper avoided falling off his fence several times.

It was very bad for the Bolivian national team, which suffered 13 consecutive defeats in Copa America matches, and barely achieved a single win in the last 31 matches. The only win was on June 15, 2015, in the tournament in Chile, when they beat Ecuador 3 to 2. Since then, they have always lost.

In that edition, which Chile won, it lost to the locals 5-0 and then in the quarter-finals to Peru 3-1. Later, in the Centenary Copa America held in the United States in 2016, they lost to Panama (1-2), Chile (1-2) and Argentina (0-3). In Brazil 2019, they again reached the group stage: 0-3 with Brazil, 1-3 with Peru, and 1-3 with Venezuela.

Meanwhile, in Brazil 2021, they also lost the four matches they played: 1-3 with Paraguay, 0-1 with Chile, 0-2 with Uruguay, and 1-4 with Argentina. Now, they still have two matches to finish the series, on Thursday 27th against Uruguay and on Monday 1st July against Panama. If he does not achieve this and falls again in his next two matches, he will be two matches away from the worst series in the competition, which was Ecuador between 1939 and 1945 with 17 consecutive falls, and he will surpass Venezuela, which lost. 14 in a row between 1995 and 2004.

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The host country is participating for the fourth time in the historic South American competition, the first was in 1995, the second in 2007, and the third in 2016, which was local and came in fourth place. It is the sixth victory in 19 matches.

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