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On Social media Attracting attention book launch, in United kingdom, Signed under the pseudonym “Saskia Swan”. It Work written by a flight attendant Who, after working for two decades as a flight attendant, decided to share some of his experiences.

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The strange thing is that in the book Some stories are shared That the 45-year-old woman lives, When working in private planes It is a commercial airline that serves people with high economic levels.

Business address is Above and Beyond: Secrets of a Private Flight Attendant‘, which in Spanish would be “Much Beyond: Secrets of a Private Flight Attendant”.

Among the well-known developments is that “Saskia” began working as a flight attendant in low-cost airlines for 6 years. However, his life changed after attending a chance meeting in a London pub where he was offered to work on a private jet.

Among the details highlighted by netizens is that he worked with various prominent celebrities and politicians in Europe, weird Come to ask him They will wear designer clothes.

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In the narration he says that his first client was A Russian billionairewho, according to her, came to give A credit card to cover your expensesFirst class flights to wherever you want to travel and a complete wardrobe renovation Exclusive brand clothing.

At the moment, the book is only available in physical form in the UK and some European countries. However, through the digital commerce giant, AmazonIt will be available in its digital version from August.

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