This interactive map of the visible universe collates 200,000 galaxies

Interactive map of the visible universe including 200,000 galaxies

A group of astronomers has transformed data collected over 15 years by Sloan Digital Sky Survey An interactive map of the visible universe.

This map includes countless cosmic objects, from blue quasars to elliptical galaxies. You can explore this amazing map by clicking over here.

“Astrophysicists around the world have been analyzing this data for years, resulting in thousands of scientific papers and discoveries,” Bryce Maynard, a Johns Hopkins University astrophysicist and creator of the map, said in a statement. Release. “however, Nobody took It’s time to create a beautiful mapscientifically accurate and available to anyone else Scientists. Our goal here is to show everyone What is the shape of the universe really?

notes made by apache point lookout, in New Mexico About 200,000 galaxies, each one filled with billions of stars and unknown worlds. among those data there Much more than 200,000 that appear on the mapbut if researchers show them all, the map will be a sea of ​​points that are impossible to understand.

That’s rightste The map is a simplification of our universeBut the alternative would be simply overwhelming. Milky Wayto a galaxy of 100000 light years across from what we call home, as well only one of pixels What we see in a map.

In theory, the underlying map data (and thus the map itself) can Include some forty There are estimated to be quintuples of black holes in the observable universe. Of course, it isBlack holes have such gravity Light cannot escape from them, so they do not appear as light sources on the map. But quasars, their very bright galactic cores Gap black enormous in that CenterAnd the yes they are.

“We’re used to seeing astronomical images that show a galaxy here, a galaxy there, or maybe a group of galaxies,” said Maynard. “But what this map shows is a very different scale.”

Users can scroll in the map, travel basically just in time To see old things and redshift. in the part Below the map you can see how The time you are traveling at that particular moment.

Unfortunately, you can’t Click all galaxy shape An individual to find out what it is Or where this is. However, the map serves its purpose: to show just how small (and modern) it is. We compare the history of the universe and all its contents.

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