A British A400M was refueled in flight by an RAF aircraft sent from the Falkland Islands.

Through an official statement from the Royal Air Force (RAF), The United Kingdom has confirmed that one of its Airbus A400M transport aircraft has been refueled while flying for the first time over the South Atlantic.. The truth is not simple As the aerial refueling aircraft involved in the operation operate from Mount Pleasant Air Force Base in the Falkland Islands..

In this regard, the Royal Air Force (RAF) reported that the A400M (called Atlas) carried out a transport mission over the South Atlantic. The aircraft departed from RAF Brize Norton in the United Kingdom, with the Malvinas Islands as its final destination. During the trip, stop at Ascension Island.

During the period of the transport mission, the long-distance on-board refueling carried out by the means of the RAF stood out. in this way, Voyager departed from the Falkland Islands to refuel an A400M for the first time over the waters of the South Atlantic..

The RAF Voyager is an A330 MRTT aircraft intended for strategic transport and long-haul refueling missions, operating from the UK’s Mount Pleasant military complex in the Falkland Islands.. The aircraft used is characterized by having two systems to carry out this type of mission. It consists of: an ARBS Boom system and two Cobham 905E Underwing refueling containers (one on each wing) for refueling sonar-equipped aircraft. The latter is the described A400M case.

Air-to-air refueling of 1435 Flt Typhoons from RAF Voyager over the Falkland Islands on 5 June 2022. Hurricanes were exercising the QRA response as part of the Ex Cape Bayonet.

It was a great privilege to captain Voyager on their first Atlas refueling, having successfully encountered them 900 nautical miles southwest of Ascension Island and 2,600 nautical miles northeast of Mount Pleasant Airport. Voyager’s ability to expand the global reach of our aircraft is remarkable. “; said RAF Voyager Commander Lieutenant James.

The first air-to-air refueling of the RAF A400M Atlas. Atlas successfully met near Ascension Island with a Voyager carrier based in Mount Pleasant in the Falkland Islands to complete a successful transfer and flight to the Falkland Islands.

On the part of the Royal Air Force, they highlighted the spread of Voyager from the Malvinas Islands; She indicated that the planeIt is based in Mount Pleasant Airfield and is maintained by an engineering support team that ensures the aircraft is ready to fly 365 days a year in some of the most challenging conditions faced around the world..

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The performance and demonstration of these types of maneuvers by the Royal Air Force (RAF) demonstrates the UK’s capabilities to carry out transport and resupply missions over the South Atlantic. At the same time, It is a sincere testament to the UK’s will to use the military complex in the Malvinas Islands as a projection base, taking advantage of its strategic position in the Atlantic and projecting it over Antarctica.

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