Chamber of Commerce and ProDominicana have agreed to boost exports and investment in Peravia

Peravia. The Export and Investment Center of the Dominican Republic (Prodominican) and the Chamber of Commerce and Production Peravia Agreed to strengthen procedures to determine Opportunities for exporters and attract foreign direct investment (direct foreign investment) to maintain.

Through the agreement, the entities pledged to take viable actions and projects focused on Productivity Boost business and exports. They also agreed to improve Institutional and legal certainty Attractive to attract investment and maximize profits.

Mildred Santos, Deputy Technical Director of Prodomicana, He said: Through this alliance, we enhance the governorate’s ability to meet the needs of promotion mechanisms for companies that provide goods and services. At the same time, we are creating conditions to increase export opportunities and attract new investments to the region.”

on your side, Bellagio Perez, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Production of PeraviaNote that: “This alliance brings us much closer to the level of development we aspire to in the province of Peravia. The companies and producers in the municipalities of the province will find in this agreement support for their commercial projects and standardization of procedures that meet in the export of their products.”

It should be noted that Peravia’s exports have exceeded 127.8 million US dollars in the past five years. Similarly, for 2021, the value under management of proven issuers in Peravia was $25.4 million, an amount equal to a 28% annual growth compared to 2020.

Similarly, the participation of the Peravian municipalities in exports is divided into: Pani 46.54%, Nizau 38.03% and Matanzas 15.43%. Similarly, 60% of Peravia’s exports in 2021 were destined for the markets of Haiti and the Netherlands. Other destination markets were the United Kingdom, Puerto Rico and the United States.

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As of 2021, Peravia has 4 foreign investment companies installed in free zones, which provide more than 700 direct jobs and have accumulated investments of $80.7 million, in sectors such as textile manufacturing and agro-industrial products.

Among the results of the agreement is Office installation and technical staff for Prodomicana Aiming to please The needs of companies and micro, small and medium enterprises in Peravia, as well as potential investors. Likewise, both entities have committed to sharing experiences, human resources, knowledge, and data that they have to do Enhancing productive capacity and attracting foreign direct investment in Peravia and its municipalities.

The agreement was signed in the presence of the governorate authorities, company representatives and members of technical teams from both institutions.

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