More than 180 people arrested after arriving in Florida Keys – NBC 7 South Florida

MIMI. — US Border Patrol (CBP) officers arrested at least 187 Cuban immigrants this weekend in the Florida Keys, adding many more who arrived on Sunday, according to authorities.

Almost two hundred immigrants I landed in this country after 10 different landingsWalter N. Slosar, who is in charge of CBP in the Miami sector, detailed today via Twitter.

For its part, the Miami Herald reported that the largest landing of a group of 51 Cubans arrived this morning at the buoy located in the south of the state, in Key West, citing Adam Hofner, head of the department, as a source. US Customs and Border Protection Miami Operations Office.

Slusar posted on Twitter some photos of the perilous boats in which the Cubans, as detailed, reached the coasts of the United States in the ten landings.

At the moment, it is not known whether children travel on these boats, as is often the case on some occasions, and the health status of the migrants has not been reported.

The arrest of these 187 Cubans comes three days after border authorities arrested 19 other Cubans, after they arrived at Marathon Key, one of the key tourist islands in southern Florida.

In a statement, the US Coast Guard reported on Friday that 36 Cubans were repatriated last Tuesday, after several interceptions off the Florida coast.

“It’s the year our forces significantly increased our patrols with the goal of finding people in danger and rescuing migrants from dangerous and highly portable ships,” said Capt. Robert Kinsey, of the US Coast Guard’s 7th District.

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According to the latest figures provided by the federal entity, since October 1, 2021, the start date of the current fiscal year, Coast Guard crews have intercepted 3,963 Cubans, compared to 838 intercepted in the previous fiscal year.

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