The United Kingdom, another country worried about the “ruin” of artificial intelligence in the upcoming elections

Confidence in the way online campaigning is conducted is very low, according to Edwards, citing an investigation by the commission that found nearly 60% of the public are concerned about online political campaigning.

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And the United Kingdom is one of the other countries that have expressed doubts about artificial intelligence thinking about the upcoming elections, the authorities did not hide their concerns in the event that new intelligence tools were enabled. voter manipulation. Given this, they fear that the lack of proper laws will lead to dire consequences in the upcoming general elections.

guardian She revealed in a report that time is running out to enact “broad changes” to ensure they keep up with new technology, and there are growing concerns about the potential havoc that artificial intelligence could wreak on the electoral process in the UK and the US.

from Generating fake videos and photos Disguised as massive voter manipulation and persuasion, the electoral scenario is threatened by an uncertain landscape and without clear regulations, the report says.

They are worried Suspicions of possible misuse Generative AI follows technological advances, as tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney can convincingly generate text, images, and even speech.

Introduction to ChatGPT.  Photo: UnsplashIntroduction to ChatGPT. Photo: Unsplash

There are no laws

although New laws will not be ready For the next election, due no later than January 2025, the watchdog charged with regulating UK election funding and setting standards for how elections should be conducted has urged political parties to act responsibly.

An example of Possible new commitments In the UK, it is the responsibility of political parties to disclose how much they spend on artificial intelligence.

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United Kingdom, elections.  Photo: ReutersUnited Kingdom, elections. Photo: Reuters

Meanwhile, the UK government is continuing talks with regulators, including the Election Commission, which says new requirements set out in the 2022 Digital Campaign Materials Act include a “fingerprint” to help ensure voters can see who paid for an ad or who is trying to influence. on them.

The chief organizing officer urged stakeholders to act responsibly in the area of ​​internet campaigns and artificial intelligence, and believes regulators have an important role to play in ensuring public confidence in the upcoming elections, which are likely to take place. Before January 2025.

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