A 9-year-old girl became the champion of the BMX Pan American Cup

Antonella Puyo lifts the trophy she won for winning the 2021 BMX Pan American Cup in Lima

from 6 years old Antonella Buyu Training started BMX The specialty that consists of touring the motocross arena but using a bicycle. At only 9 years old, Puyo won the gold medal in the 2021 FIFA World Cupheld in Lima, where she competed for first place with competitors from Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Chile. On the last tenth of August, Puyo finished second in the BMX National Championship in Tulcan, Ecuador.

The gold medal was taken in the 9-year-old women’s pan American category. Although he’s only been practicing this sport for three years, Buyu already has many medals he’s lostAs he told the agency EFE. “I am passionate about this sport, I love everything about cycling: speed and jumpsHe told the IAEA that states that Puyo competed in Belgium, Brazil, the United States, Colombia and Peru. In 2019, Puyo competed in the MotoGP World Championships at Zolder, Belgium, in the Challenger category.

The current champion is preparing for a new international competition that will take place at the end of November. Puyo will be measured with participants from different countries in Great Patriotic United Stateswhich will be based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The BMX is an extreme sport which has two modes: Carrera, where the path must be completed in the shortest possible time, and free style (freestyle), the way acrobatics are performed. It is believed that BMX It started in the United States in the late 1970s. Then in Europe, England, Holland and France were the first to embrace the new sport. In the Olympics, BMX is a new discipline. The first time the sport was listed in Beijing was in 2008.

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Antonella Puyo is in the fourth grade of the school and practices two hours a day at La Carolina Park, located in north-central Quito. At only nine years old, he was already dreaming and hoping to participate in several Olympics. “I feel so happy every time I get close to her My biggest dream is to be a four-time Olympic champion of bicros, Since you can go to the Olympics from 16, Poyo said, I’ve already counted and I want to win at 16, 20, 24 and 28.

Antonella Puyo holds the runner-up trophy at the BMX National Championship - Tulcan, Ecuador (Photo: WRiders)
Antonella Puyo holds the runner-up trophy at the BMX National Championship – Tulcan, Ecuador (Photo: WRiders)

After participating in the Grand National of the United States, Puyo will compete in the 2021 Ecuador National Cup. The player, who also trained in Colombia and the United States, says she enjoys training and competitions because she can have more friends and see different parts of the world:Bike is my favorite gameI really enjoy every training and every competition. Also, the thing I love is the possibility to meet and make friends in different countries.”

In the past games, Ecuador achieved important positions in this area. In the men’s BMX race, Alfredo Campo received his Olympic diploma After finishing fifth in his category final. Doménica Azuero also participated in the women’s BMXHowever, he was unable to reach the final race as he finished fifth in the quarter-finals.

Azuero, 25, created W-Riders Club “To help new athletes who are being trained so they have a path to success,” Miguel Azuero, the athlete’s father, told a local media outlet. It’s at the W-Riders Club where Antonella Puyo learned about BMX She has prepared for her international competitions with other boys and girls athletes committed to this extreme sport.

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