7 medical residents completing their training period …

A total of 7 residents in family and community medicine completed their specialist training in health centers in the northern region of Córdoba.

These professionals have combined their work in the field of care with participation in the educational program of public health centers (hospitals, health centers, and other educational facilities) during the past four years. The training period was developed under the supervision and support of a master teacher, who accompanied each resident throughout the training and specialization process, in addition to the active and continuous participation of the rest of the professionals who cooperated in the services. From accredited teaching centers.

At the farewell party for professionals who have just finished their MIR training, which took place at Valle de los Pedroches Hospital in Buzoblanco, they attended Anna Lyell, General Director of the Northern Health District of Córdoba, teacher of the hospital, Almudena Salazar and Head of Studies Department, José Merino, who dedicated the first words Professionals, congratulate them for the effort expended in the past four years and encourage them for the new remnants that are now starting, considering they are excellent professionals.

Training in transversal competencies

The Training Model for Health Sciences Professionals in the Andalusian Public Health System contains a training program in transversal competencies targeting all training professionals, which contains modules related to bioethics, health professionalism, teamwork, clinical research methodology, evidence-based care, health quality and patient safety. The experience of recent years has allowed this program to mature in order to provide it with the necessary elements for initial training in these competencies and their development in greater depth throughout the training period, always in the hands of teachers, administration units, the clinic and the educational center.

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Likewise, residents of the Andalusian public health system have an extensive training program in specific skills that facilitate their training.

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