Pricham and Lladix Launch Trade Facilitation Alliance | Economie

The National Foreign Trade Association – AnalDex and the British Colombo Chamber of Commerce – Pricham Colombia signed a cooperation agreement to promote Colombia’s foreign trade through actions involving businessmen and government entities.

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In addition to being a brief start of what the Chamber has represented for 40 years, we want to strengthen and expand the existing relations between the two countries. Michael Phillips, CEO of Pricham, said that it is very important for us that this relationship is bilateral. We are committed to both countries’ exports as well as in the search for investment for the country.

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The idea is to implement measures to take advantage of the continuity agreement between Colombia and the United Kingdom that is currently in place and that would allow the preservation of tariff preferences currently in the free trade agreement with the European Union.

Likewise, to boost exports of Colombian products in the sectors of agriculture, clothing and industrial goods, which provided an increasing trend in the past two years. In 2018 Colombia sold $ 420 million to the UK, and in 2019 for $ 470 million, a growth of 11.8% was recorded. While last year it reached 377 million dollars.

“The United Kingdom was the tenth most important buyer of non-mining energy commodities in 2020 from Colombia with a value of $ 311 million. Despite a slight contraction in these exports, we see many positive points that should be highlighted such as green coffee, processed fruits, cocoa derivatives and Juliana Villegas, Vice President of Exports at ProColombia, said office furniture has registered growth and we have diversified products.

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Within the framework of this alliance, the two entities will exchange information and bibliographic and audiovisual materials of common interest, promote specialized publications, design, program and implement events or projects of interest on topics related to the use of agreements, investment and foreign trade, among others.

“This is a symbol that allows us to strengthen our commitment to trade. For Colombia, it is necessary to deepen that traditional relationship with the British. We enjoyed their products, their vehicles, their machines, their alcoholic drinks, and for the country the task of moving forward with more fruits and more agricultural business in Amidst the challenge of post-Brexit, ”said Javier Diaz, president of AnalDex.

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