5 Reasons Exercise Makes You Look Younger

when we do Playing sports It is noticeable and not only in our weight, as many other aspects are taken advantage of, such as the face and tone of voice. skinSmile, and maybe over time, we take a few years off ourselves to make room for a more playful look.

We know that when you want to start a decent life, you need a lot of motivation combined with a great strength of will to start new habits; For her and to motivate you, we will tell you the strongest reasons to do so Exercise makes you look younger.


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Delays natural aging

Exercise doesn’t just make you feel better smallIt can actually slow down the aging process on your chromosomes. It’s about telomeres. Recent studies published by Health have found a link between regular exercise and telomere lengthening, suggesting that exercise can slow your clock so you can live longer.

Posture will improve

Aerobic exercise changes muscle mass and bone density, making your posture straighter and closer to an A . position the guy From someone who started losing bone and muscle from old age.

So if you want to look taller than a ’90s supermodel, you can start stretching for a few minutes, go for a walk, and try to repeat your cardio class at home so you don’t waste time or muscle mass.


You will be more flexible and will move with grace

Age not only makes your opinions more flexible when it comes to exercises, it also makes your muscles and joints more solid, but if you train systematically and do stretching or yoga sessions, your body will regain a good portion of its flexibility and agility.

Don’t forget that at the beginning and end of your routine you should do stretching exercises until all the pain is lessened and that way your body does not suffer from the change in movement and stress it has been exposed to during your life. exercise procedures.


Your skin will be perfect

By exercising, you will sweat, detoxify the skin and improve its appearance, elasticity and luster. Plus, if you shower with lukewarm water at the end, it will close the pores and help enhance the effect of the anti-aging treatment.


Researchers at McMaster University in Ontario studied a group of adults between the ages of 20 and 84. Those who exercised frequently and were over 40 had skin More flexible and flexible for 20-30 year olds.

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