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After the delta variant of the virus, which hits Spain, alarms go off in France for the beta variant. The delta boom comes from India, but the beta is from South Africa.

It should not be easy when the British government admits that it is considering the possibility of putting France on the red list due to the significant problems of this alternative, as reported by The Telegraph on its cover. But in France, the alarms were not sounded.

Like all variants, at first there were doubts about how to attack. Beta is now believed to be more resistant to vaccines, so the British government is considering closing its border with France.

However, there is no certainty in this regard. It seems that this type of virus may explain why so many African countries are on the red list for their danger.

At the moment, the South African variant is dominant – dominant – in Paris and its area of ​​influence, Ile-de-France.

French health authorities did not notice any special differences with the other variables. In recent weeks, more than two thousand cases of this type have been identified in France. 800 cases have been found in the UK and in Germany also just over 2,000.

Despite its hypothetical danger, Britain fears the political impact of banning a neighbor altogether. In addition, if this alternative expands in Europe, declaring France a red zone will not make any sense.

The beta variant is believed to be responsible for the staggering increase in coronavirus cases in Seychelles, a country where vaccination rates are among the highest in the world.

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