It will arrive with Android 12 in the fall

mark “World Emoji Day” Tomorrow, July 17th The Google I took the opportunity to announce the news it has prepared for emojis for all its platforms (Android, Gmail, Chat, Chrome OS, YouTube).

The most important novelty is that Google redesigned 992 emoji to make them More universal, accessible and authentic, so that they are recognized without problems anywhere in the world.

Emojis for everyone

Google wants its emojis now to be more generic so they can be used with different meanings, like emoji cake, which once had the design of a slice of pumpkin pie and now has the whole design of the stuffed pie, which Represents a large number of cakes: apple tart, raspberry tart, strawberry tart, cherry tart, chicken tart, beef and mushroom…

The same thing happens with the bikini emoji, which previously seemed to be used by an invisible person with a certain physique. In the new design it Bikini no longer appears on any body, thus representing anyone. And with the same mask emoji. With COVID-19, using a mask no longer means we are sick, so his face is no longer sick.

Google has also exaggerated the proportions of some designs, such as vehicles, to make them easier to identify and take better advantage of size so that they don’t look too small compared to other emojis.

With some foods they also tightened her face. As a joke, Google mentioned that some foods need a little more cooking or through a deep fryer. With the redesign now, the croissant or bacon emoji are even more appetizing.

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Emojis that change with dark theme

Google also reported that in some emojis small changes will appear when we activate the dark theme. For example, dark-looking stars in an emoji will appear in the tent.

Availability of new emoji

New emoji Coming to Android 12 when it launches this fall, but as of this month they will arrive in Gmail and Google Chat.

Another novelty is that Google wants all emojis to reach all mobile phones in the future regardless of age. For this From Android 12, all Appcompat compatible apps will automatically get the new emoji. This means that developers using the Compatibility Library will not have to change their app icon to add support for new emojis.

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