4th Health and Wellness Forum “Returning Investing in Your People”

Mercer Marsh Benefits (MMB) of Marsh McLennan, a global company dedicated to redefining the world of work, reshaping retirement and investment outcomes, and driving true health and well-being in business, held its 4th Health and Wellness Forum, “Returning Investment in Your People,” an event aimed at promoting the importance of comprehensive well-being management in organizations and sharing strategies to overcome barriers to implementing effective well-being programs, improve working conditions, and appropriately mitigate risks to people’s health.

4th Health and Wellness Forum “Returning Investing in Your People”

Fourth, the Forum of Human Resources and Health Program Implementation Specialists reported that absenteeism was 28% lower and productivity was 19% higher among companies implementing health programs.

Other data they cited suggests that organizations have been able to save up to 35% on medical costs and improve talent retention by 20%. In terms of the impact of mental health on organizational sustainability, 76% of employees suffer from work-related stress, which negatively impacts their performance and overall well-being. They agreed that health and well-being Employees play a crucial role in the sustainability of companies.

The Mercer Health and Wellness Forum has been running for four years. Adrian Almazan, director of health consulting at Mercer Marsh Benefits, who we interviewed, revealed that the forum came about in 2021. “We started with the interest of being able to raise awareness among organizations about the importance of management, and that management has become comprehensive and nuanced for the well-being and health of employees,” he said.

“At the time, the pretext, let me put it this way, was the coronavirus and how the coronavirus has put almost every organization on the backburner. It’s really become a recurring event where we call it virtual every year. And in the first three years, we had over 2,500 people in attendance, including HR leaders, risk managers, compensation and benefits managers, who are really interested in changing this dynamic within organizations.

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“2024 is the first year we decided to do a hybrid event, with the possibility of hosting some clients in person. We had 1,200 people connected nationwide in the first two conversations we had,” Almazan said.

The event, which consisted of four presentations and included the participation of leaders from companies such as: Teva, MasterCard, Labi, Wellbee, Previta, Dentalia, Resolute, Toyota, port of liverpool, For example, clients who have historically been at the forefront of welfare, social care and human resources issues, For example, it has been highlighted that The inclusion of wellness programs has a significant impact on the perception and development of organizations.

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