40 years after its release, Last Christmas by Wham! It reached No. 1 in the UK

December 26, 2023 – at 12:29

According to data from the Official Charts Company, the song has reached 13.3 million views in the past seven days.

Extinct band Strike! It returned to the top of the charts thanks to a song recorded in 1984. It is the most popular “Last Christmas”Which worked again 39 years later.

Written by the late George Michael — who died on December 25, 2016 — had always aimed for the No. 1 spot on Christmas 1984. However, “Last Christmas” lost the battle against it. “She doesn't know it's Christmas?”l Band aidwhich became the second best-selling single of all time.

What did the previous mother say! Andrew Ridgley's “Last Christmas” hits #1

However, the duo George Michael And Andrew Ridgley He had revenge. “Last Christmas” was the number one Christmas hit in the United Kingdom. In a statement, it was Ridgley who pointed out the fact: “Last Christmas finally rose to the highly regarded and sought-after official number one Christmas, which was always the main goal.”

George will be there because after all these years we finally have Christmas number one. I g [George] “He said he wrote last Christmas with the goal of having Christmas number one. Mission accomplished!” he added.

According to data from the official charts company Last Christmas has reached 13.3 million views in the past seven daysThat's why it became the most played Christmas number 1 during Christmas week. Additionally, it became the third biggest UK single of all time, with a combined total of 5.34 million chart units, comprising 1.93 million sales and approximately 413 million streams.

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