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The third installment of Paddington will draw on his Peruvian roots. Image: LR composition

No, it's not Winnie the Pooh. It's about the bear paddington, Who will come back in Cinemas With his third film. Six years after the release of the second part, this time, the second part of the story will be titled “Paddington in Peru.” However, according to Deadline magazine, the plot is still under wraps, but it is known that the bear will return to Peruvian lands (its original home), where it will experience adventures and dangers. The film is directed by Dougal Wilson, who is also known for directing music videos for the British band Coldplay.

How was Paddington Bear born?

At Christmas 1956, English writer Michael Bond created Paddington even though he had never visited Peru in his life. The reason the bear was born was that Bond noticed a teddy bear in a shop window near Paddington train station in London. He was immediately captivated by this character and brought him to his wife, Brenda Marie Johnson.

The character is well-liked in many countries, especially in England. Photo: Paddington Bear Broadcast

Already in 1958, Bond published his first book, entitled “A Bear Called Paddington” (“A Bear Called Paddington”) with the support of Barbara Kerr-Wilson, who read the draft and immediately contacted Michael.

When will 'Paddington' be filmed in Peru?

Production on the film will begin shooting on July 24 this year and will be supported by production company Studiocanal and Heyday, which financed and produced the first two parts. The script will be written by Paul King, Simon Farnaby and Mark Burton, who collaborated on the previous two films alongside John Foster and James Lamont.

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Paddington in Peru will be directed by Dougal Wilson.

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