The UK records the warmest New Year’s Eve

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LONDON (AFP) – The United Kingdom on Friday recorded its warmest temperature on December 31, with more than 15 degrees Celsius in the northeast, according to the British Meteorological Service (the Met Office).

The Met Office noted on Twitter: “Coningsby, Lincolnshire, recorded a temperature of 15.3 degrees (C), which means today is the hottest New Year’s Eve ever in the UK.”

The previous record dates back to 2011 when the thermometer measured 14.8 degrees in Colwyn Bay, a coastal resort in Wales.

Temperatures, which can continue to rise during the day before dropping a bit at night, should be much warmer in parts of eastern and southern England, including the capital, London.

This year, the UK as a whole was “warmer and drier than average, albeit with variations across the country, particularly in terms of rainfall,” according to Mike Kendon of the bureau’s National Climate Information Center.

Despite the mild weather, the UK is celebrating the New Year wisely, due to the explosion of coronavirus infections.

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