26th birthday with full activity

The Granada Science Park The day has been fulfilled 26 years old With a new release from the Science Fair, which this year will develop almost most of its program on May 12th, 13th and 14th. Although this time Sanitary measures made it impossible to hold an open day, The museum celebrated its anniversary with unique activities such as recreating in the museum’s watchtower for the experience that Galileo could do in the Tower of Pisa, which showed that things of different masses fall with the same acceleration.

This special celebration has been set up Final brooch for the 25th anniversary From the science park. An event that has been celebrated, since the museum reopened after confinement in June 2020 and through 2021, with Publication and promotion program One of the sustainable development goals promoted by the United Nations. In addition to installing the Onda Pendulum Unit and participating in the Ars Electronica International Festival, the Science Park organizes thematic visits and lights up its watchtower every month around different goals of the Sustainable Development Goals. Health, gender equality, clean water and sanitation, life below water or climate action were some of them.

Mayor of Granada, Luis Salvador, Sub-delegate of the Government of Andalusia, Inmacolada Lopez Calahorou, Delegate of Tourism to the Andalusian Military Council, Gustavo Rodriguez, Deputy Employment and Sustainable Development of the Granada Provincial Council, Anna Muñoz, Vice President of University Extension and Heritage at the University of Granada, Victor Medina, Director The Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia, Anxon Alberdi, Acting Managing Director of the Science Park, Christina Gonzalez, and other authorities and members of the consortium this morning in the activities designed for this anniversary and expressed their satisfaction that the museum has become in these 26 years A national and international reference for scholarly publishing.

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The commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals was also reflected in Scientific expertise Presented by students and teachers from Granada, Jaen and Malaga outside the museum all day long. The projects presented are: “Un Parque de Papel”, by the Dimomo Arquitectura cultural association in Granada; “Fluid Experience”, from IES Ribera del Fardes de Purullena (Granada); “Accessible AI + Culture Maker”, from CEIP San Sebastián de Padul (Granada); Labora-Toys from IES Martín Rivero de Ronda (Málaga); IEEE Student Branch of Granada from Granada; “Varadero STEAM”, from CEIP Pablo Ruiz Picasso de Motril (Granada); The bipedal robot Zati, from IES Gil De Zático in Torreperogil (Jaén); “Automated greenhouse with Ur3 industrial robot” for Sagrada Familia Professional Schools in Ubeda (Jaén); Talk to them and have conversations with women and men of science, from IES Mariana Pineda de Granada; Do you know the Biobank, SSPA and Andalusian Register of Sample Donors for Biomedical Research? Come find out! Andalusian Public Health System Biobank (Granada); “La Casa de C6H12O6” from Ave María Casa Madre (Granada): “Deplastifying” and “Matemagia” from IES Francisco Ayala (Granada); “Home under construction model”, “Soil temperature and humidity sensor: botanical garden” and “Pressurized water propelled missile” from IES Veleta de Granada; Granada Astronomical Society of Granada; And “Travel, Play, Research, Teaching” by Colegio Divino Maestro de Granada.

Virtual Science Fair

Since Science Park intends from this exhibition, which has been organized since 1998, is to make science available and promote scientific culture, in this edition, as new, most of the programs will be virtual It will be airing open in days May 12, 13 and 14.

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ePromote scientific advocacy and promote gender equality in the sciences These are the most important objectives of this 23 virtual version. There are two goals that are reflected in the sections that make up the online program, such as: “Very Interesting” and “Expressing Science”, where researchers bring science closer to the public and “Meet the Scientists”, where Four experts are inspiring girls for them to choose science careers in the future. The activity will take place from the Margarita Salas Pavilion, a place that received this name to honor the Spanish scientist and with which the role of women in science has been affirmed.

The program is broadcast live from 10 am to 1 pm via www.feriaparquedelasciencias.com. It will be presented by the museum’s technicians, and it will showcase the scientific experiences of students and teachers from all over Andalusia. The originality of the Science Park online science fair format is to encourage student participation, attendance, and interaction thanks to live broadcasts and chat on YouTube, both enabled for this purpose.

The a program The Internet is also organized into other sections in which school children of all educational levels play a pioneering role and which have adapted to new forms of youth communication, based on technology and social networks. The goal is to inspire young people to study scientific careers, while enhancing creativity and communication skills. “Classroom research,” “science documentary marathon,” “my first science talk,” or “Tik, tok… Science” are spaces that give a voice to these promising young researchers.

In addition to the live show, the entire program can be watched late and open on the Parque de las Ciencias website.

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23rd science fair. A little bit of history

Since 1998 Science Park has maintained its commitment to a science fair As a model for bringing science and technology closer to the general public. Its roots go back to the museum’s first Open Doors Day in 1996 which already included participatory experiences such as science shows, workshops, and a planetarium marathon. Through this dialogue and other activities of dialogue between science and society, the Science Park has worked to achieve its goal of not just being a space, but by using all possible strategies to bring science and technology closer to society. In this sense, the Science Fair is one of the initiatives in which this approach occurs with greater intensity by facilitating the meeting between the educational sector, universities, companies and research centers that participate more actively each year.

For this show, it is considered The first to organize in AndalusiaIn these 20 years, many others have been added that are organized every year in the autonomous community, thus increasing the public communication procedures for science in the region.

The 23rd Science Fair is funded by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (Ministry of Science and Innovation).

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