25 years ago “Barbie Girl” arrived, why wouldn’t they want her in a live action movie? Mexico metro

25 years ago, the Danish band’s theme ‘Aqua’, ‘Barbie Girl’, was a musical success, even now it can be heard on some stations.

With the first look at ‘Barbie’ in live action, where it was revealed that Margot Robbie will be the one to play the world’s most famous doll, the question arose, why wouldn’t they want a ‘Barbie Girl in this’ movie?

Since the premiere of this video, which came out in 1997, which currently has over a billion views on the American music channel YouTube and over 270 million views on Spotify, they’ve made it clear from the start that this would be a musical breakthrough for an entire generation.

Recognizing the success that from the start was among the first places and for 4 consecutive weeks in the UK, the kind that Mattel was responsible for distributing doll products which is one of the biggest franchises around the world, the Danish band sued the copyright for the use of an already registered trademark .

Brand executives were afraid that this song would harm what you really want the image of this doll to represent. Since, as indicated, the song also featured “Barbie” and “provocative” sung in a flirtatious tone, while it featured “Ken” who responded with “Kiss me here, touch me here” (“Kiss me here, touch me there”) )”, also citing the moment a fictional Kane accidentally ripped the singer’s arm, causing record label MCA to resist a defamation suit, claiming parodies were legal.

These operations came to nothing, because the United States District Court in California confirmed that the song is a parody, “making a mockery of it and the plastic values ​​it represents”, however, they currently have trademark concerns, despite the first showing of the movement Live, where “Barbie” will be represented by Margot Robbie, “Ken” will fall in front of Ryan Gosling, and star actor Will Ferrell, America Ferrera, Simo Liu, Issa Ray, Michael Cera and Kate McKinnon will complete. ..

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