24Ore / Ltd. opens a branch in the Canary Islands to help foreign entrepreneurs open new businesses and advise them on the tax level

The tourist destination of the Canary Islands is a site of opportunity. The excellent location and the advantages it offers to set up and operate a business have made the area a powerful location for new companies and entrepreneurs.

Leading accounting tax consultancy Ltd24Ore has opened a branch in the Canary Islands to advise digital commerce startups, who are coming to the destination to venture their business online. Professionals stand out to provide fast service and ensure legality, security and company incorporation in the Canary Islands in less than 48 hours.

The incursion of digital startups in the Canary Islands

This wonderful destination has attracted a lot of attention, because other than its tourist attributes, these islands have the advantage of their economic activity. In addition, it is a trade link bridge with other islands and its industrial capacity has awakened the economy and promoted the development of self-sustaining technologies.

The Canary Islands are recognized as the ZEC (Canary Special Zone), a policy that protects and establishes them as a low tax region. With the authorization of the European Commission, the standard was imposed with the aim of strengthening the sector’s economy and productivity. This fact enabled the islands’ commercial growth and attracted new and small businesses willing to expand their commercial capacity to the territory.

This is why a vital business platform doesn’t get away with it: digital commerce. The activity allowed web-based companies to enter the island and could operate legally. Foreigners have moved because of the possibility of establishing or expanding businesses whose legal domicile is in this destination.

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Advice for setting up a company in the Canary Islands

Whether it is physical companies or digital businesses, coverage receives different business proposals. It is essential to know the requirements and support in order to work. Faced with this phenomenon, Ltd24Ore is a firm of accounting tax advisory professionals, particularly in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčadvising and incorporating Digital LTDs.

This company has expanded its services to the islands, opening a branch specializing in tax processing and knowledge to operate in the tourist destination. At a cost of 200 euros per month and in a period of 24 to 48 hours, after submitting the application, the professionals guarantee their clients the establishment of their law firm in the Canary Islands.

The internationalization of the company aims to publicize the advantages of the region so that new digital entrepreneurs can access this important opportunity. Ltd24Ore is a firm of accountants and tax advisors that accompanies Spanish businesses in the UK and supports digital entrepreneurs in the UK. The purpose of the launch is to provide a solidarity service to accelerate and properly guide new digital entrepreneurs, so that their project is not jeopardized.

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