163 Spanish bankers raised more than 1 million euros in 2019

163 Spanish bankers received more than 1 million euros in 2019, down slightly from the previous year when there were 167 executive millionaires, according to data published by the newspaper. European Banking Authority (EBA .), for its English acronym), directed by the Spanish José Manuel Campa.

In this way, Spain was next to United kingdom It is the only one among the large economies in Europe that did not increase in the year prior to the entry of “Brexit” bank employees with an annual wage of at least one million euros.

Spain ranked fifth in terms of the number of paid millionaire bankers in Europe, after 3,519 in the UK, home to 70.9% of the total, while in Germany the figure rose to 492 from 450 and in France it reached 270 from 234 a year ago, and 241 in Italy , up from 206 in 2018.

In EU entities, the number of bank executives with salaries of at least €1 million totaled 4,963 in 2019, a slight increase compared to 4,938 in 2018.

In the case of the most profitable Spanish bankers, the average wage in 2019 was 2.3 million euros, compared to 2.097 million in 2018, the third highest in Europe, behind only 2.6 million euros. Bankers in Liechtenstein, as well as 2.4 million in Malta, But before 2.22 million on average in Ireland and 2.19 million in Greece.

In absolute numbers, the 163 Spanish bankers named in the EBA report contributed a total of 375.5 million euros in 2019, of which 175.3 million were for fixed pay, and another 200.16 million, to variable compensation.

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Although the European Authority does not provide the identities of the bankers or the names of the entities that paid these bonuses, the report notes that six Spanish bankers received between 4 and 5 million euros; While two have charged less than 6 million; Five received between 6 and 7 million; One of them received between 7 and 8 million euros; Two more between 9 and 10 million and one earned a gross wage of 12 to 13 million in 2019.

Specifically, Spain’s highest-earning banker received a total of €12.29 million in 2019, including 6.95 million in variable and another 5.33 million fixed.

For his part, the financial sector professional who received the highest reward in 2019 ever Europe He was a banker from the United Kingdom, his remuneration amounted to 64.84 million euros.

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