10 Powerful Instagram Marketing Tips to Promote Your Business & Grow Your Followers

Instagram has become extremely important for marketers. Instagram has transformed how marketing was done earlier. The best thing about Instagram is it supports all kinds of content, be it a video or a static post. If you are trying to put together a video for your Instagram handle, you can use a video maker to create it and make it more engaging. There are several tools out there that can help you strengthen Instagram marketing for your brand.

Ways to market on Instagram

There are several ways to market your content or your brand on Instagram. Some of these tips are stated below:

Have a business profile

To build more credibility, you can get your account verified on Instagram. This would mean switching from a normal profile to a business profile. This not only upgrades your account but provides you with several other features. For making your account a business account, you can go to the ‘Switch to Business Profile’ option and get started.

Once you upgrade to a business profile, your followers can get in touch with you directly. You will also get the right to make use of Instagram ads. There is an Instagram analytics tool called Insights. You can use that tool to analyze how well your posts are performing.

Free Instagram Marketing Tools

Instagram has many tools that brands can use in their day-to-day marketing. Once you upgrade to a business account, you can access your impressions, engagement, reach, etc. With the data on engagement, you can churn out different pieces of information and then implement them into your strategy. If you are getting more engagement on your video posts, then you can use a video maker to create more video content for your followers.

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Product Teasers

Your presence on Instagram will make no sense if you are not promoting your products on the channel. You can create small videos or static posts on your products. This will give the consumers a glimpse of your products, urging them to buy more from your brand. You can tease or lure or audience by giving them a discount or launching a new collection and giving them a sneak peek of it. You can use an Instagram video maker to create exciting product teasers.

Make use of sponsored ads.

The sponsored ads feature on Instagram lets you advertise without any hindrances. You can easily set up your account and start running your ads. The best part about Instagram ads is that you can decide on a budget and spend according to your wishes.

Using the ads feature, you can easily target the audience you want to engage with your product. Brands can also have a sponsored tag on their post to promote someone else’s brands. Even influencers are pretty active in this space as they do a lot of sponsored ads for different brands.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are the most powerful feature of Instagram. The best part about Instagram stories is that they disappear after 24 hours. There are several engagement options on Instagram that you can bring to use. You can conduct polls, Q&As, and several other engagement activities for your followers using Instagram stories. Also, if you have more than 10,000 followers, you can add the swipe-up feature and redirect the customers to your website or the landing page you are trying to promote. You can also make use of Boomerangs to make your content more exciting.

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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has acted as the big disrupter in Instagram marketing. There are several micro and macro-influencers on Instagram who have a huge presence. You can easily get in touch with any of these influencers and collaborate with them to promote your brand. You need to figure out the right influencer for your brand based on the audience that you are trying to target. Also, there is a big chance that the consumers will engage well with the influencer post as they have a massive following.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content is the best way to engage with your customer. It enhances your brand image and promotes your product or services in closer circles where reaching would be challenging. Also, you get a lot of content from your users that you can share on your Instagram handle.

This way, you get a lot of content that you can easily share, and it also gives instant gratification to the user that a brand is sharing their post. This motivates them to develop creative ideas to get the brand’s attention. When a user or a customer shares a content piece and tags the brand, it increases the brand’s reach.


Hashtags are the best and the easiest way to promote your content. You can develop a unique hashtag for every campaign that you run on Instagram. If the hashtag you create is catchy, there are pretty high chances that the hashtag will become viral. It is a free advertising tool that can give you a mass reach.


The timing of your Instagram post is critical. You must figure out a time when there are high chances of getting an engagement. Generally, people work during the day and spare their evenings for leisure. You can make the best use of your leisure time and post your content during those hours. Also, try not to over post as it will saturate and irritate the followers. You can post regularly and maintain consistency in timings between two consecutive posts.

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Instagram Metrics

Instagram provides you with several metrics that you can use to analyze your performance on the platform. When you measure your results, you exactly know what is working for you and what is not. Therefore, it is essential to identify the metrics that are not working well for you and fix them before it worsens.


Instagram is a perfect tool for marketing. Once you crack the correct code, you will be able to make the most out of your Instagram account. Till then, keep trying different combinations of posts to get good results.

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