Donetsk criticizes the withdrawal of US and UK observers from Donbass

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Moscow (Sputnik) – Adviser to the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), Natalia Nikonorova, said the withdrawal of US and British personnel from the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in Eastern Ukraine creates the possibility of information manipulation.

“These two countries (the United States and the United Kingdom) are asking their observers to leave (…) meaning that these countries are now (…) in a position where they can declare that they have no information or that the information is not reliable,” he told Rossiya 24. Noting that this fact creates “room for manipulation of information.”

He stressed that the US-British decision was likely to be strategic, adding that Washington and London were thus creating a “home for tensions” over Ukraine.

But he stressed that the departure of the American and British observers is not a disaster because they will be replaced by other countries.

Sputnik was also informed by Deputy Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Vladislav Berdishevsky, members The Americans, British and Danes from the OSCE mission in Ukraine had already left eastern Ukraine.

In this context, the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed concern over this decision and urged the mission’s officials to put an end to attempts to manipulate it.

Tensions over Ukraine have been exacerbated in recent months by the massing of Russian forces near the Ukrainian border, which the West interprets as preparations for a possible invasion.

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Russia rejects these suspicions and defends the right to transfer troops within its territory as it sees fit and accuses NATO of looking for pretexts to place more military equipment near the Russian borders.
Ukrainian soldiers - Sputnik world, 1920, 02.14.2022

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