Let’s discover seven organic ways to grow Instagram followers organically

Most people think it impossible to grow Instagram followers organically, but to their surprise, it is true! While Instagram is touching another level of success where people are building their brands here, the competition rate here is nowhere left out. The introduction of Instagram TV, IG stories, IG Ads, and much more have made it more desirable in all age groups and brands.

It has become a top-notch priority among influencers, business hubs, marketers for brand and self-promotions. The research later showed that every Instagram user checks one business account every fortnight. People grow their number of Instagram followers either through paid measures or organically. People who have just started their journey will find it tough to spend to earn popularity. What if it comes with some effort and does not cost you anything! It is possible. It just needs your patience and seven simple steps-:

1) Creating unique, engaging, and attractive content- Instagram has lately won more attention than Facebook, and everyone wants to post things that create maximum engagement. Some shortcuts through which engaging post creation turns simple are here:

  • Video content is always better in regard to engagement, and videos with professional touch arrest more attraction.
  • Creating relatable content for the audience you wish to visit your Instagram handle or follow is a good idea. Understanding your audience is the beginning and creating the right content is the foremost step towards it.
  • Choose trends from popular hashtags of YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Appropriate hashtags are forever fueled to accelerate the proper content creation.
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2)   Scheduling posts- the posting time differs from one sector to another. Remember the rule, learn everything about the niche and understand the peak and best time when the followers of the same industries are much active. Try to post at that time.

3)   Maintain a compiled list of related field Instagram accounts- Maintaining a list of your competitors or famous in the same niche is a good decision. Checking the content they post on their account is an excellent way to understand what people of the same niche like to see. Answering the questions like what exactly excites the audience, most preferred post, and posting frequencies will help you to post to attract your targeted followers. This part is essential to follow if you are a potential or an existing influencer.

4)   Following who follows your competitors is a compulsion- This step will help you to reach the targeted followers as you have several people already interested in the same niche. Follow a maximum of 100 people daily, or there is a high possibility of your account suspension.

5)   Engage the followers’ posts you have gained through step 4- connecting with your competitor’s followers is the first and best thing you can do to increase Instagram followers. They will realize how much importance you are giving to their account, and most will end up following you. It will directly result in more Instagram followers.

6)   Joining groups that are already active and engaging- Recently, with a new emerging trend, people are making various Telegram and WhatsApp groups where people are active on every uploaded post of the member. In this way, your Instagram post will attain engagement and have additional followers. These engagement posts work by exchanging followers, likes, and comments on your account. Just prefer to choose as big a group as possible. Through this process, you can quickly gain 80-100 Instagram followers in a day.

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7)   Consistency and regular practice- Without spending your hard-earned money, following the above six steps regularly helps you to get Instagram followers regularly. This audience will be active on your posts, too, regularly.

Checking for better hashtags and using them regularly helps you attain an organic community with ease.

These steps will help you to build your brand or your personal Instagram handle organically. The audience here is of high quality and will surely help to add more followers to your Instagram account in the future.

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