10 million pounds investment in infrastructure in Colombia

UK which through the prosperity program invested nearly £10 million in Colombia for the infrastructure sector, It intends to expand cooperation mechanisms with Colombia in this field.

This was confirmed by that country to Valora Analitik, who indicated that it has so far invested about 10 million pounds (about 13.3 million US dollars), through which it seeks to benefit from its expertise in high-quality comprehensive solutions, sustainable and transformative. Read more in Infrastructure News.

According to the UK ambassador to Colombia, Colin Martin-Reynolds CMG, Technical accuracy in the project planning and design stages is critical to achieving a more sustainable and equitable public infrastructure.

“Through the UK’s Prosperity Program in Colombia, we are investing nearly £10 million to support entities in structuring rail infrastructure, mass transit, and water and sanitation projects, which bridge social, economic and environmental gaps and attract more public and private investment,” he emphasized. .

Part of the resources have made it possible to fund the feasibility studies of Projects such as the Regiotram del Norte (Bogotá), the Valle del Cauca commuter train and the structuring of the La Dorada – Chiriguaná corridor, Key overlap between central and northern Colombia.

In addition, it has been used to co-finance the structuring of new public transportation systems in cities committed to improving the environmental and social performance of their public transportation.

This year, for example, He has completed the design of the new integrated transmission system for Manizales and is currently developing a similar project for Villavicencio.

It is no coincidence that these initiatives have a strong environmental component. In fact, the European country is driving the green transformation of the sector, through the use of renewable energies and innovation in locomotives and new types of fuels.

For the United Kingdom, Sustainability is an area with greater potential for knowledge and experience exchange between the two countries.

He said, “The current investments and the intention to expand cooperation mechanisms is evidence of the UK’s commitment to the sector, which is essential for inclusive economic development, increased competitiveness and reduced carbon emissions.”

On the other hand, the Columbia Prosperity Program supports in the process of adapting the leading methodologies, Such as 5 Case Model, BIM, Project Development Routemap and others.

This has been implemented in initiatives such as Café Airport, the Barrancabermeja intermodal logistics platform, the Atlántico Agro-Logistics Center and water sanitation systems in Valledupar and Ibagué.

Finally, The resources allowed the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) to improve its ANIscopio platform, which allows citizens to know the progress of giant projects in real time.

And it will increase the sector’s transparency, particularly in the face of the centenary concession programme, known as 5G.

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