Youth of Science and Thought – Juventud Rebeldi

Cuban sciences in terms of sustainable development will be the main topic of the 24th National Student Forum on Social, Human, Economic, Natural and Exact Sciences, which begins today at the University of Havana, and runs through May 6.

The event, convened by the University Students’ Union (FEU), the Ministry of Higher Education and the Graduate House in the nearly 300-year-old capital, will highlight the presence of young people in scientific research and innovation.

It is also proposed to contribute to the strengthening of the scientific culture of students as a basis for comprehensive and quality professional training; As well as promoting the development of impactful research in the economic, social and environmental fields.

Students will gather in 12 working committees, which will address topics such as improving the Cuban economic model, conservation and management of natural resources, interpretation of current Cuban society, use of communications, law, food security, and heritage preservation, among others. There will also be a forum for the exchange of university experiences in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Presentations on the diversification of economic actors, corporate social responsibility, quality control, the contribution of women to the sustainable development of tourism, budgets for the presence of family businesses in Cuba, science and innovation in the production sector, journalistic productions via Transmedia, and the Department of Corporate Communications shows signs that the research Student- and youth-led work goes hand in hand with the current complex and challenging context.

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