Gianni Infantino: Controversy over what he said about deaths in stadiums – International Soccer – Sports


Gianni Infantino, President of FIFA.

The FIFA President spoke in England.

According to the official report, about 6,500 workers died in the construction of stadiums for The 2022 World Cup in Qatar and FIFA President, Gianni Infantino, is the focus of controversy.

Infantino attended the Global Conference of the Milken Institute in Los Angeles and the topic was raised there, They asked him if FIFA would help the families of those who died in the works.

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“When you give work to someone, even under difficult circumstances, you give them dignity and pride. This is not charity. You are not doing charitable work.
The United States, for example, is the country of immigration. My parents also immigrated from Italy to Switzerland.”

Outside my focus

When told how many people have given their lives in business, he added: And 6,000 people could die elsewhere. Of course, FIFA is not here to be the police of the world and is not responsible for everything that happens in the world.”

The leader warned that the entity and football had done positive work for change in the World Cup organizing country.

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“Thanks to FIFA and thanks to football, you have contributed to creating positive social change in Qatar. “These disagreements have certainly overshadowed the preparations,” he said.

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