Young woman dies after being bitten by her dog while she slept in the UK

a A 25-year-old British girl has died After existence Her dog attacked her While he slept. The event took place in the city Birmingham W. kingdom united.

Keira Ladlow, it was It was attacked by bites By animal. It was the dog Owned by a relative whoWho resided in the same house. Ladlo I considered it Also like sYou own a pet.

The young woman was alone, like this He could just yell, albeit without help Neighbors mentioned that the young woman I woke up with a start And they heard the dog barking incessantly. They noted that the young woman screamed “very loudly,” according to The Sun newspaper. “The poor girl was screaming for help.” Explain the neighbors.

The the body It was Kyra Ladlow A relative found her The next morning. He called 911, and they were unable to do anything Confirmed his death.

The dog is listed as a dangerous breed

The dog has been identified as A. Staffordshire bull terrier. It is considered a British breed dog Potentially dangerous. It is a race created from English Bulldogs and Dogs.

It looks like the dog was They were rescued after being mistreated On several occasions. Police say these events could have led to the dog being attacked, despite the young woman’s knowledge.

“Sometimes dogs are rescued with all goodwill in the world, however Their past can make them unpredictableA neighbor explains. The dog will be killed After what happened.

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