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The most outstanding young people from middle and high schools in science will be honored through the “Wolf Cup of Science” competition, in order to promote scientific talent among the new generations.

The Wolf Science Cup, promoted by Xochicalco High School Science Club, will start on March 1, and the call is now open to middle and high school students.

The Academic Director of Xochicalco indicated that the cup will be divided into categories weekly, with training and exam stages, and all these dynamics will be online, through the Zoom platform.

“The invitation has been sent to high schools and high schools open, the trainings will be online, the idea is to be dynamic, to be shared with the science club, because they already have experience,” said Jose Bayan, head of the high school. Xochicalco School.

Alejandra Amaya, a representative of the Science Club, explained that a different specialty will be taken every week, and it will bear the name of a Mexican scientist, in order to learn about the science that is being created in the country.

The first week is named Julieta Fierro, and it targets those who want to compete in the science of physics, the start date is next March 1, training ends on March 5, and the tests will be applied on March 11 and 12. .

The second week is named in honor of scientist Mario Molina, the field of knowledge is chemistry, and it will run from March 15-26, the organizers explained.

It was announced that the penultimate competition, called Matilda Montoya, would be for the biology class, and training would begin on April 13th, and auditions would take place on April 22 and 23.

Finally, he said the Neumann-Lara Mathematics Competition, which will start with training sessions from April 26-30, and culminate with exams on May 6 and 7.

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The winners will receive a medal and certificates of appreciation, in each school they will win everything with the total points their teams reach during the entire cup; Prizes will be on May 12th.

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