a SpaceX is a spaceport in the Gulf of Mexico to travel from one point to another on Earth in 30 minutes

SpaceX has many plans under development. While sending satellites to your space Red de internet starlink And tested Ships for future arrivals to Mars, He also has a vision that his missiles The Starship will be able to transport humans from one end of Earth to the other in minutes.

Elon Musk wants his Starship rockets to also operate for regular point-to-point flights within the planet that would rupture Earth’s outer atmosphere, reducing international flight times from hours to an average of 30 minutes.

But these missiles will need to take off from special locations, so part of Musk’s plan is to use some kind of floating oil platform like the Floating ocean space ports. SpaceX has already purchased the right of two platforms and recalled them Phoibos and Deimos, like the moons of Mars.

These sites are currently being upgraded for use with Starship. According to the location TechCrunchAnd the It will be in the Gulf of Mexico near the SpaceX development site in Brownsville, Texas.

On Wednesday, Musk wrote on Twitter that one of the two platforms would be at least partially operational by the end of 2021, but he did not specify whether flight tests would be conducted with any Starship missile.

Musk’s plan is to place launchers in different parts of the world as shown in a video the company released in 2017.

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