You order an omelette in the UK and what you get leaves you amazed

Try traditional food From your land at Foreign country It must be recognized as a risky sport, as the result is unpredictable. This is what he had to learn by force Iago Moreno, Tweeter wanted to enjoy a recipe “Typical Spanish” While he was in a bar Cambridge.

As proof of this, Moreno posted a photo of what was brought up on the table. In it you see something that is far from a file Omelette with lettuce, several tomatoes, and a kind of green sauce.

However, the sacrilege of cooking did not end there, as this hero also asked for some Hot potatoes. To do justice to their looks, we’ll say they only have the name “patatas bravas”.

This is some of the Interactions That created this event among the users of the platform, each of them was angry and terrified. Besides, others wanted to share Experience s Savor the food In other countries of the world:

one of The critics The most frequent is that an establishment called “Spanish Tapas” does not make more efforts to deal with the authentic recipes.

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