Xóchitl gives a review to Alvaro Delgado who calls him a “sellers”

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Presidential candidate for the Fuerza Corazón por México coalition, Xochitl GalvezIn response to statements Journalist Alvaro Delgadowho called her “Selling homelands” He stated that he has two compasses that guide him: “my values ​​and my reality.”

During his “Mañanera de la Verdad” convention, the Sin Embargo host questioned the presidential candidate about her tour abroad, which included the United States, Spain and the Vatican as destinations.

around him, Moderate build to cross out Galvez Of being a “Selling homelands” For requesting the intervention of foreign countries in matters of concern only to Mexicans, he recalled that “the conservatives brought Emperor Maximilian Habsburg to rule Mexico.”

“All these Mexicans who go abroad to demand foreign governments and organizations to intervene in matters that only concern Mexicans are called revenants, not of now, but of the last century, the predecessors, especially when they were the governors who brought in Maximilian,” he said. .

He concluded his statement by saying: “I ask you, do you think it is patriotic to go to the US State Department, to go to the Organization of American States to interfere in the affairs of Mexicans?”

immediately, Xochitl Galvez He took the comparison with Maximilian with humor and emphasized that he had two compasses: his values ​​and his reality.

For this reason, he made clear that his values ​​were to be associated with democratic governments, stressing that “you will not see me inviting the Venezuelan government to Mexico, nor the Russian army after the invasion of Ukraine, nor the Cuban dictator violating human rights.” “.” of people living in Cuba.”

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Likewise, he explained that his visit to the American territory is because it is our country's main trading partner. “We depend economically on our exports, and jobs in Mexico depend on the United States performing well and buying goods from us.”

Regarding his visit to the United States organization, the journalist reminded that monitoring elections is something that is always done; However, he has already held a meeting with Guadalupe Taddei, advisor to the President of the National Electoral Institute, who promised to implement a plan so that the elections on June 2 can be held in complete safety and transparency.

“This does not mean selling out countries, this does not mean that Morena is worried that they will come to monitor the electoral process if everything is fine, if the servants of the nation buy votes every day, and you know that: all days they go to homes to ask people to support their party Or they take social programs. “The last game did that, they learned what they complained about well,” Xochitl Galvez said.

Likewise, he made it clear that the only thing he seeks is for there to be clean, democratic and valid elections; But I am not a traitor.”

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