Harry and Meghan Markle's exaggerated smiles anger the UK

Swipe to appear happy

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have reappeared in Canada after their quick visit to King Charles III due to his cancer diagnosis. His happiness drove more than one crazy

The eye of the media hurricane is focused on the British royal family Since they started suffering from various medical problems. Interest in his health increased after Kate Middleton's abdominal surgery and King Charles III's surgery to treat an enlarged prostate, which was confirmed to be cancer weeks later. With growing concern in the United Kingdom about the status of representatives of the Crown, Not everyone seems to be too concerned about this situation.. At least that's what they say about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who have been spotted in public again Showing off with a smile from ear to ear This greatly angered public opinion.

It never seems to rain to everyone's satisfaction, especially when it comes to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Their steps are controversial even when they don't take them. However, while Kate Middleton's brothers go skiing or to the Caribbean respectively, the fact that Prince Harry did so was the cause of a public scandal. Their escape to Canada has a professional context, given that they attended the Invictus Games as hosts. A history in which Lady Di's son pays tribute to his former army colleagues, veterans and soldiers with physical and mental disabilities through sports.

But what his critics saw was a different scene. The one in which Harry and Meghan Markle are smiling extremely, almost too much, surrounded by a team of TV cameras. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have upset many since they cut ties with the British Royal House to embark on a lucrative solo journey. But what is even more important now is that the foundations of the monarchy are being shaken by the loss of the King and Princess of Wales. Some moments of tension and instability in which all its members are analyzed with a magnifying glass. Even Harry, although he stopped representing the company.

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And it seems so Things remain tense among the Windsor clan. This is how they are understood Just 45 minutes Prince Harry spent with his father after learning he had cancer. Meghan Markle wasn't even there. Neither does Queen Camilla, who they say was “objected” to the quick appointment. And also for the significant gesture of not reserving space in his schedule to see his brother, Prince William, who now bears the weight of the crown upon him, training him to one day occupy the throne that is his. And while, Prince Harry looks like he's having a good time. This is what was said when he left London to travel to Las Vegas where he was particularly talkative. The same thing also happened to him in Canada, where everyone was smiling. too many?

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