Xiaomi’s most stylish smartwatch is a dress watch and costs less than €150

It doesn’t have Wear OS but it has plenty of health and fitness features, it doesn’t clash with any outfit, and it’s very attractively priced.

It will take some time to see it in Europe and Latin America, but the truth is that given the design, possibilities and prices of this new one xiaomi watch s2 We don’t have proof although we don’t doubt it This stylish smart watch will be a smash hit Chinese giant

And that Xiaomi remains committed to it Use of proprietary operating systems Without falling into the clutches of Wear OS, something that limits apps and functions but on the other hand yes It allows them to better control the experience And keeping both the optimization and the resources to be dedicated in post-support far away, which obviously affects pricing.

xiaomi watch s2

Xiaomi Watch S2 – no one will argue that it is one of the most stylish smartwatches.

The first thing that attracts attention with the Xiaomi Watch S2, in any case, is Very classic and elegant design which does not seek to show off technology, but to camouflage itself in any outfit and serve any kind of audience from two sizes, 42 and 46 mmwith a box of Stainless steel and sapphire crystal Screen protection.

The cost savings aren’t in the materials, as you’ll see, because The device is beautiful and powerfulable to work after immersion in water up to a pressure of 5 atmospheres and compatibility with Formal leather or silicone straps or other standard type.

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Here we leave you video Which Xiaomi has taught us some of Design and construction details:

Xiaomi Watch S2, all information (in Chinese)

A stylish watch that hides a lot of functions inside

If we are outside facing a smartwatch that does not claim to be a smartwatch in any way, the truth is that we find under the hood a number of The hardware and functionality are more than greatstarting with a AMOLED panel with functionality Always on display From 1.32 in In the 42 mm model and 1.43 in In the case of the 46 mm version.

The resolution is the same. 466 x 466 pixels, such as the complete platform of the device, which does not differ if we exclude these specifications of the screen and also obviously the battery, which differs between one model or another for purely physical reasons. Energy accumulation, by the way, is 305 mAh in the small model and 500 mAh in the largest.

their sizes 42.3 x 42.3 x 10.2 mm In the case of the small model, and 46 x 46 x 10.7 mm The big version.

as we said, The operating system is proprietary and priority is given to autonomy (up to 12 days) Like the physical and health measurement, though Xiaomi does not forget about third-party applicationswhich will be located in a special store, as well as the possibility of answering calls with Built-in speaker and microphone via bluetooth.

The best thing about Xiaomi Watch S2 is its very classic and timeless design, as well as the high-quality materials and the advanced quantitative measurement functions with an autonomy of no less than 12 days.

It is compatible with AlexaCharges wirelessly with the Qi standard and integrates connectivity Bluetooth 5.2 LE, Wi-Fi and NFC For payments, besides positioning GPS And a lot of sensors.

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elaboration of them All these sensors It’s quite long, but let’s get in there because we obviously want to give you all the information you need: accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, ambient light, compass, heart monitor, SpO2 monitor, temperature sensor, and impedance sensor.

With all of them, the Xiaomi Watch S2 is capable of detecting and measuring Up to 117 sports modes and sleep monitoring automatically when we go to sleep.

This is also compatible with mobile phones Android 6.0 or iOS 12.0 or later Either mobile ecosystem.

xiaomi watch s2

The Xiaomi Watch S2 adapts to your style with different finishes and silicone or leather straps.

Xiaomi Watch S2, pricing and launch

It was the new Xiaomi smartwatch Made in China together to Xiaomi 13and up Now exclusively for his country of origin There are no landing dates in any other markets.

Obviously, the prices depend on the model chosen, taking into account both the size and material of the strap, starting at 999 yuan (About 135 euros) for the S2 watch from 42 mm with a silicone strapup to 1299 yuan (About 175 euros) Issuance 46 mm with a leather strap.

Now it remains to wait for its arrival in Spain and Latin America, which It will certainly be produced in the first quarter of 2023We will therefore make sure to inform you of prices and possibilities in due course.

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