Xiaomi caught slowing down games to worsen performance

After a scandal Samsung with some apps slowing down And the games provoke a similar controversy with xiaomi. After discussion in networks on the topic of Samsung Co-founder of Geekbench accuse Xiaomi to perform a similar exercise. We tell you what it’s all about, if your Xiaomi is in this controversy and if it’s really something negative for users. It is a rather serious matter and highlights Xiaomi working protocols.

Xiaomi is restricting some games on purpose

Everything refers to Xiaomi does the same thing as Samsung. The company limits performance On the device when running some powerful and demanding games. The goal of this deliberate strangulation It is to reduce the overall energy consumption.

If you reduce performance, you also reduce Battery consumption. In return you have a device that is able to give 100% but that gives 80%. This can be translated to performance problems In some very powerful games. The phone is able to offer it all, but Xiaomi limits it Don’t waste a lot of battery.

The strange thing about all this chaos is that this It does not happen when the application is running standard. When the mobile phone performs a performance test, this intentional throttling disappears so that we can Machine pressure to the maximum.

How would you know? Geekbench co-founder confirmed that he changed the name of the app from Geekbench for the one from Fornite. When performing the test, a decrease in the final result can be observed. That is, the phone limits the performance thinking that the game is running, so the result is worse.

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Single core test drops 30% and multi-core falls 15%. This means that Xiaomi reduces performance by 15-30% when playing a solid game.

Is it a normal thing? Is it as bad as they say?

All operating systems, whether portable or not, restrict certain actions or reduce certain parameters in order to conserve energy or reduce cost. It is something completely normal in technology and can be seen very well when reported.

The problem here is that Xiaomi does not indicate that Nor is it transparent when it comes to showing how your smartphone behaves depending on the occasions. Benchmark plays her 100% because she cares but it’s not a game because she cares too.

It’s nothing too worrisome when you have the high end on your hands. Possibly 15% lower performance Does not affect the gaming experiencebecause it has enough performance that it doesn’t have to give 100%.

The important point is that this process is repeated in phones mid range, which, yes, you may need to give 100% to run the game well. If they don’t give it out, a slowdown can occur or «slow‘, because of this deliberate suffocation.

Which Xiaomi is affected by this?

It is a question that we cannot answer at the present time. The co-founder of Geekbench commented simply Xiaomi is also implementing this strategy She confirmed this with tests, but it wasn’t made clear at any point What is part of your catalog.

in case if Samsung Only some devices triggered this deliberate throttling strategy. We do not know whether xiaomi It is implemented on all or some smartphones only.

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It is possible that after this controversy, Xiaomi will make some kind of statement in this regard. Samsung, for example, said it would remove it from some smartphones. We’ll see what Xiaomi says after finding out too Deliberately reduces the performance of your cell phones when you are interested. What do you think of the strategy? Owns Performance issues with Xiaomi phone?

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