News Colombia: The United Kingdom and the Islamic Development Bank support renewable energies

With investments exceeding 75,000 million pesos.

Since 2019, the United Kingdom’s Sustainable Infrastructure Programme, the United Kingdom SIP, has initiated a technical cooperation agreement with the Islamic Development Bank with the aim of promoting the integration of unconventional renewable energies into the Colombian energy matrix, cWith the intervention in the territory of Guajiro through the Guajira 1 wind farm.

This cooperation It made it possible to conduct studies to characterize the wind resource and to determine the possibility of connecting additional generation capacity on the peninsula and support in structuring Colombia’s first unconventional renewable energy auction, among other studies.

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ISAGEN’s Guajira 1 wind farm, after nearly 3 years of work and paperwork, Formed as the first building built in the last 17 years nationally, An investment of 75,000 million pesos with a capacity of 20 megawatts, equivalent to the consumption of more than 33,000 families.

What is more, It has 10 2MW wind turbines that will reduce 136 tons of CO2 in operation stage. In addition, an adjacent expansion is being built, which will contain 4 wind turbines with a capacity of 3.45 MW to generate an additional 13.8 MW.

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This becomes the first of 16 wind farms to be built in La Guajira and The operational phase is expected to start during the second quarter of this year.

It should be noted that for the UK Department of International Trade, This project opens the door to trade exchange between the two countries.

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It is for this reason that Colin Martin Reynolds, British Ambassador to Columbia, along with his team, a delegation from the Islamic Development Bank, the Deputy Department of Energy, and the Institute for Planning and Promoting Energy Solutions for Disconnected Regions, recently made a payment. Visiting the Yutaho community in Maicao municipality, also benefited from these projects, which had no electricity service and with the work led by IPSE, now has a continuous, clean and affordable service paid by prepaid method which will improve the quality of life of its residents.

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