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The release of Hellblade 2 is just around the corner, and the truth is that it seems to be one of the deciding factors in today’s news. Demand for the most powerful version of Xbox is increasing this week on Amazon and other sellers. Something that even Microsoft itself apparently did not expect.

The product was, at least as of yesterday, as Best seller in the UK, one of Microsoft’s strongest European markets. In the United States, sales of the console increased by 80%, making it the seventh best-selling entertainment product. In Canada yesterday, it was the third best-selling entertainment product.

Call of Duty’s popularity on Game Pass could be the key

Game Pass sales on Amazon also rose by as much as 210%. We can attribute this to several factors such as the success of Fallout, the return of Fallout 4 with its new expansion, and the new Starfield expansion, which works to stimulate sales of the game.

Of course, I think the rumors that a new Call of Duty game will be released on Game Pass add up to a lot as well, and there’s no doubt that this is both “selling consoles” and “selling subscriptions.” Of course, if Microsoft You need a balloon probethis rumor has given you the clues and keys you need to continue growing and shown you the path to follow if you want your service to have a future.

One fact I didn’t mention before is that Xbox consoles also sell well at other retailers like MediaMarkt and others.

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