Lapiana Real Ciencias does not reach the league final due to external agents (14-10)

It is impossible for Labiana Real Ciencias in their bid to reach the Rugby Honors Division final. The Sevilla team were not allowed to win the always complicated Pepe Rojo match at Valladolid and ended up losing 14-10 in the one-legged semi-final. Sevilla led 0-10 at half-time, but in the second half they struggled with refereeing that left a lot to be desired, and they ended up losing 14-10 after an impressive hailstorm.

It was a great rugby match, despite the bad weather conditions in the second half, which left the competitors feeling cold. Sevilla came out strong and took an early lead thanks to a penalty kick from Damien Hooper. The team of Manu Sobrino and Suso Romero took to the field with great authority and controlled almost all aspects of the game, except for touch, where they had problems even capturing the aspects that were in their favour.

However, the superiority in the scrum was absolute thanks to the weight of the first and second lines. Moreover, the number 8, Joaquin Melese, was the strongest on the field. Sevilla’s dominance was absolute and as a result came the first test of the match. It was Cocó Roldán, starting this time alongside Pedro Cane as a scrum-half, who was responsible for making it happen after several stages as a striker. The opening on the right opened the way for Cocó Roldán, who at the time of standing was subjected to an attack with the knee of an opposing player which would later be decisive due to the involvement of agents from outside the game.

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Damien Hooper, who was brilliant at kicking the ball from the back, always gaining several metres, was responsible for the conversion so that the score was 0-10, which was reflected on the scoreboard the superiority shown by the capable Labiana Real Sciences player. But a mistake on the final play of the first half allowed Taibo to limit the shot.

Controversy between the two halves of the match

The controversy came during the break, when the referee had to respond to the recommendation of the Federation doctor. Muñoz, who had previously rejected this decision after consulting with Coco Roldan, decided that it should be replaced with a protocol of blows to the head. The outside elements intervened following the tag play and subsequent kick received by the scientific fly-half. The truth is that one of the best scientific players was unable to continue on the field despite his protests and those of all members of the Sevilla team.

The game was balanced and Taibo pulled one back again with another powerful strike. Labiana Real Ciencias did not collapse and in the midst of a stunning hailstorm the visitors’ dominance became almost brutal on the VRAC Quesos Entrepinares goal line. The defense was erratic, with players in front of the line and the referee constantly warning “shoot, shoot” to Valladolid’s defenders. But there was no major penalty, and in one case Muñoz issued a yellow card to Marcos Muñiz, who received a much heavier penalty from the local referee.

Then the local mark arrives in a clear forward pass that Muñoz also did not see and then the doubt as to whether Miguel Lines did it or did it over a scholarly player. The linesman told the main referee that he had done so, and he, who had previously clashed with Argartner with inappropriate words from the judge, took it upon himself to deem it correct.

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Not even a new blow from Taipo made the Sevilles surrender. Lapiana Real Ciencias’ efforts to try to turn things around continued until the last minute, with multiple stages near the Valladolid goal area, where they once again practiced an erratic defense that made the winning attempt impossible.

After all the economic difficulties and efforts exerted to the last drop of sweat by the players of La Piana Real Ciencias, this cannot be the case. 14-10 and complete frustration in the face of a final that could have happened but did not happen for reasons beyond the control of the Seville team.

data sheet

14 VRAC Cheese Entrepinares: Dominguez, Megamol, Ginko; Javidi, Pérez Jimeno; Sanchez, Fabish, Potgieter; Gonzalo Dominguez, Typo; Dafuibaraki, Alonso, Cian, Lines; And Andrew. Calzone, Blanco, Moala, Velez, Javier Lopez and de la Lastra also played.

10 Real Labiana Sciences: Rafa Romo, Michael Hough, Marcos Muñiz, Manu Moura, Dani Stora, Fede Egartner, Franco Lopez, Joaquin Melese, Pedro Kean, Coco Roldan, Damien Huber, Alvar Jimeno, Sergio Molinero, Jaime Camarero and Axel Papa. Del Hoyo, Jaime Borrondo, Tomás Lamboglia and Juan Carrasco also played.

Score: 0-3 (11′) Successful penalty kick from Damian Hooper. 0-10 (26′) Test by Coco Roldan converted by Damian Hooper. 3-10 (40′) Penalty kick from Taibo. 6-10 (48′) Successful penalty kick from Taibo. 11-10 (51′) Test by Miguel Laynes. 14-10 (68′) Successful penalty kick from Taibo.

to rule: Iñaki Muñoz. Very homemade. Yellow card for Marcos Muñiz (46′).

Accidents: The semi-final match in the Honors category was held at the Pepe Rojo Stadium in Valladolid. During the second half, an amazing hailstorm hit.

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