World Media Summit for Greater Consensus and Cooperation (+Photos)

The text of the quote urged the media to address the urgent demands of developing countries in areas such as poverty reduction, food security, development financing and industrialization.

“Uncertainties and unpredictable factors are on the rise, posing unprecedented challenges to human society. The international community needs to strengthen unity and cooperation more than ever. “The global media must build a communication bridge to answer the questions the world is asking,” the document states.

The Declaration calls for journalistic ethics and compliance with professional standards in a scenario characterized by the rapid advancement of new technologies in the information age.

“We must publish factual, objective, complete and impartial news to our audience, resist misinformation and oppose rumors and prejudices to maintain the authority and credibility of the media,” he stressed.

The summit called for building consensus, enhancing cooperation, and working together to achieve high-quality development and facilitate mutual understanding between countries and peoples.

Participants in the event include media, think tanks and international organizations from more than 100 countries and regions.

The World Media Summit will continue until December 7 under the slogan “Strengthening global confidence and promoting media development.”

During this event, Prensa Latina called for a new international information order and championed the voice of the Global South.

The head of the Latin American News Agency, Luis Enrique Gonzalez, commented that participants in the discussions talked about giving greater power to communication using artificial intelligence, technology and innovation.

“This goal is correct, but equitable access must be encouraged for media from the Global South, such as Cuba, which faces restrictions, sanctions and blockades that prevent them from using new tools,” he stressed.

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The director considered that the summit becomes an appropriate framework for exchange on objectivity, credibility and ethics in the face of the escalation of fake news in various media outlets, including social media networks.


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