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Without going through public tenders or other major demands and while pursuing favorite corrupts, so familiar with selective scrapes, the Federation of Neighborhood Entities of Paraguay (Fedem) directly received million-dollar transfers from the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security (MTESS). Fedem is one of the satellites of the Center for Information and Resources for Development (CIRD), an NGO working to milk the country and distribute salaries among the clan of the organization’s president, and the political workers of Mario Abdo Benítez’s team from the last election campaign.

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The money received directly by some civic organizations and popular NGOs, some of which boast about fighting corruption while winning billions in contracts that appear to include an entity affiliated with the Center for Information and Resources for Development (CIRD), indicates a high level of money. The degree of commercialization thanks to corruption that is reported, by the way, in a very selective way.

Thus, the Federation of Neighborhood Entities of Paraguay (Fedem), run by a group of “anti-corruption” activists, received £800 million in September 2021, that is, in the middle of the pandemic, thanks to a contract awarded to it by the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security (MTESS). , with the management of former Minister Carla Bacigalupo to implement the “Job Training and Training for Low-Resource Communities” project.

It should be noted that Fedem operates out of a small office in the Loma Beta area of ​​Asuncion, as we confirmed during our team’s visit. Its structure is unknown and there are no major infrastructures for the number of courses and specializations required by contracted services, which include cooking, construction, motorcycle mechanics, and home electrical courses, which appear in the contract with the Ministry of Labour. In addition to this agreement, there is another agreement as of January 2021 signed with the National System of Training and Training of Workers (Sinafocal), which is also part of MTESS for cooking, pastry, cutting, sewing and cashier courses under “Work”. The project “Training and training. Online for low-resource communities”, the amount of which we cannot determine because it is not available on the accountability portal of the Comptroller General of the Republic.

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An agreement worth 800 million pounds was signed between the Ministry of Labor and Fedem, which was not put up in public tenders

Fedem is one of the organizations that make up the Coalition for More Citizenship Less Corruption Driven by Development (CIRD) project and is dedicated to workshops and protests against nepotism in the country, especially those involving its favored corrupt people. Likewise, among anti-corruption activities, questions arise about lack of transparency and impunity; However, they did not retreat from the scandalous distribution of public money between the clan of the head of the CIRD, Agustín Carrizosa Gubetic, nor the employment of politicians from the political movement of former President Mario Abdo Benítez in the recent election campaigns, in the cost of the sensitive project of post-Covid economic recovery which cost 6.093 million pounds.

Carrizosa’s daughter’s name is Paula Carrizosa Bradshaw; his partner, María Berta Rojas Aveiro; his sister-in-law, Marta María Rojas Aveiro; Carlos Francisco Alcaraz, son of More Citizenship, Less Corruption project coordinator Francisco Dario Alcaraz, has lined his pockets with the Post-Covid project.

The front of an NGO that has made millions from the pandemic

Fedem President Miguel Sanabria Iriba is an active anti-corruption activist, and has been seen on social networks engaging with CIRD allies such as the NGO Coordinator of Paraguayan Lawyers (Coapy), the Luque Citizen Comptroller’s Office and Somos Anticorrupción.

Other members of the distinguished NGO Fedem who have exciting contracts at MTESS are Hugo Gualberto Vazquez, Ruben Dario Escobar, and Mariano Barreiro Soria, all of whom are campaigners against impunity and defenders of the National Anti-Corruption Secretariat whose effectiveness raises many doubts.

From Nación Media we contacted President Sanabria, who confirmed the above agreements, but said that he did not remember the amounts of transfers received, where the courses were developed and who were the professionals hired to implement them. When asked about the structure available to the NGO, we received no response.

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