Working in the UK: Millionaire Salary to Get a Nanny in the UK

A group of nannies in a class at Hungerford. / hey

According to a specialist portal, with Brexit, there are 20% fewer nannies because many foreigners have had to leave and ‘husbands’ cannot be appointed.


Being a babysitter in the UK is, at the moment, a highly sought-after profession and, therefore, with very good salaries. The implementation of Brexit is causing various consequences in Apias, some of which were hard to imagine. At first it was the supermarket shortage, then the gasoline shortage, then the truck drivers’ problem…and now there is no one to take care of the English children.

According to one of the most used online job portals for finding ‘nannies’ in the country,, there are 20% fewer nannies than before. As a result, wages increased by an average of 30%. There are families who offer salaries of up to 70,000 pounds a year, luxury cars and holidays abroad when they can meet a professional.

This leaves humble parents desperate because they don’t know how to solve the problem, at a distinct disadvantage. Which is that this work was one of the options for foreigners who immigrated to the United Kingdom to earn a salary. Now, Brexit has driven them out of the country and there are not enough citizens to cover all the casualties that have occurred.

Also affected was the issue of the “ice couple”, the foreign youths who lived in the family home and were responsible for caring for the young for very little pay and with the aim of improving their language. . Legislative changes made student visas unfit for this purpose.

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