Women’s World Cup 2023 | Berenstein’s appeal to the United States: “You need to talk less and do more in this field”

specified Andres Jonker And the player Lynneth Bernstein She appeared in front of the media at the press conference before the World Cup quarter-finals between Spain and the Netherlands.

One of the anecdotes from that press conference was at the end, when a Dutch journalist asked what she thought when the United States was wiped out. “The first thing I thought when I saw that she was left out was ‘Okay, bye’. From the first moment they actually talked about the final, they were talking very loudly. And sometimes you have to talk less and do more on the field,” he judged forcefully.

“We are not afraid of them.”

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“I fully respect Spain for what they have achieved and the way they play, but we are not afraid of them,” he said. jonker of his next opponent. “It’s a match between two very close teams and even two teams. A year ago we were a little behind, but we played two games at a high level and showed what we’re made of and I think we can win them.”

He added, “I am used to seeing matches my way. Against Japan, I saw Spain absent, but football is a strange game and whoever has the skill does not always win.”

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