6 healthy practices that will make you live a calmer and better life

If you’ve ever wondered what you should do to feel better, we’ve got you covered wellness practices That will change your life. And this is this now that we are in the generation health Who not only pursue health on the treadmill, but also believe in connected, emotional, and holistic balance. Wellbeing has become the key to facing reality and rediscovering connection with nature and ourselves.

Do you want to know what these practices are? Read on!

environmental nutrition

This style of eating is designed to synchronize the harmony of the environment with the natural cycles of the organism, through the selection of seasonal foods of high biological value, that is, loaded with substances capable of improving Our psychosomatic well-beingmainly vegetables, raw and cooked, combined with certain portions to say a Natural everyday wellness.

he ecological feeding methodby Dr. Paciottini, follows the philosophy of “keeping proportion,” using bowls she designed herself to estimate the perfect blend of the different ingredients to be consumed.

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Friluftsliv (Outdoor Life)

Friluftsliv literally translates to “living outdoors,” a Scandinavian philosophy that refers to the value of spending time outdoors. Doing activities in the midst of nature increases physical and mental well-being and quality of life. When it’s hot, any exercise done outdoors multiplies its benefits. Nature is like roots, a resource for feeling better about oneself.

We are all aware of the consequences associated with excessive screen use. The iPhone itself helps control the time we spend on apps. What we need is to restore sensory stimulation through contact with natural elements. Sensory experiences are a time to escape and recharge.

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Soul Journeys

When the mountain addresses the soul. he Soul Journeys It is the name given to all those paths in which getting to the top is less important than walking. he Trips or hiking Activities that generate well-being Thanks to the encounter and contact with nature and the mental preparation they exercise: not only to reach the top, but to enjoy the way.

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