Women’s sports are taking over the United States

Women’s sports in the United States are experiencing unprecedented growth, with new records set in attendance, sponsorship, and investment. This increase is due to a combination of factors, including female athletes’ talent, growing interest from fans and support from sports organizations.

Leagues and new opportunities

The year 2024 marked a historic event for women’s sports in the United States: the launch Three new professional leagues In hockey, volleyball and football.

With at least 20 teams set to make their debut in its inaugural season, since the expansion National Women’s Soccer League With teams like Bay FC So create USL Super Leaguewhich begins its first season on August 17, this unprecedented surge is a reflection of the talent, passion and growing support surrounding women’s sports in the country.

Women in elite sports

Women are breaking into and even excelling in sports that were once considered the preserve of men. An obvious example is Caitlin Clarkthe Indiana fever sensation and the No. 1 pick in the WNBA draft, established herself as the leading scorer in NCAA history during her college days.

In February 2024, the E1 Series required one woman and one man per team, to promote equality. It is appropriate to highlight the Spanish pilot and participant Chris Lazzaragawho competed as the only woman and placed second in the 2021 World Powerboat Championships.

  • Chris Lazzaraga
  • Carrie Ionesco

We saw this year as well The first confrontation between an NBA and WNBA star. Stephen Curry Defeated Sabrina Ionesco A difference of 29 points to 26but she proved to be a strong competitor by pushing the best player in league history to the limits.

The Formula 1 Academy, which debuts in 2023, also provides opportunities for women to break into Formula 1. It will also have its own “Drive to Survive”-style series on Netflix.

Attendance records

The magic of women’s sports is not limited to the athletes who participate in it. More and more people are interested in seeing women competing at the highest level.


Women’s college basketball broke records in the United States this year, with… The broadcast attracted 12.3 million viewers. The Caitlin Clark effect I followed her all the way to the WNBA. His first game as a pro was sold out against the Connecticut Suns, a fact that hasn’t happened in Connecticut in 20 years.

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Clark’s first preseason game in Dallas also saw a sell-out, and her opening home performance attracted 13,000, setting a new standard for rookie influence in the league.


A volleyball game between the Nebraska Cornhuskers and Omaha Mavericks in Nebraska in August 2023 set a new world record for attendance at a women’s sporting event. By attracting 92,002 people to the game It was held at Huskers Football Stadium.


In the 2023 Women’s World Cup, 1.6 million people rocked to the beat of women’s footballIt surpassed the previous record set at the 2015 Women’s World Cup in Canada, where 1.35 million tickets were sold.

An increasingly engaged audience

A recent study showed that women are more committed to sports compared to men PricewaterhouseCoopers. Athletes like Kaitlyn Clark are key to attracting these fans.

In fact, a woman is three times more likely to attend a women’s match if she follows a female athlete, and almost three times more likely to buy clothes if she attends a game.

Women lead the sports business

He explained that with this new level of audience, investors began to realize the potential of women’s sports. Sarah Fisher By Axios. For example, Kaitlyn Clark signed a $28 million deal with Nike and became the first athlete to have her own line of basketball products with Wilson Sporting Goods.

Fans also represent significant purchasing power. We act 40% of Major League Baseball (MLB) sports consumption.) We buy 46% of NFL merchandise and 80% of all sports apparel dollars.

Latinas in particular shop more frequently at sporting goods stores and spend more when we do.

Latinas in American Sports

Although Kaitlyn Clark’s personality has sparked interest in women’s sports, we cannot forget the presence and influence of other Latina athletes who are leaving their mark on Different specialties in the United States.

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Diana Taurasi – WNBA

Taurasi is the best player in the WNBA today, having been crowned the WNBA’s top scorer in 2017. Diana’s parents grew up in Argentina, where the basketball star spent several years before returning to the United States.

With three WNBA championships (2007, 2009, 2014) and four Olympic gold medals (Athens 2004, Beijing 2008, London 2012, Rio 2016), her influence extends beyond the sport.

Maggie Stevens – Water Polo

Maggie grew up in a water polo-loving family. His father, Carlos, played in three Pan American Games for Puerto Rico before turning pro at UCLA.

Stevens is a three-time Olympic champion with the United StatesWe find in his record a gold medal in the London 2012 Olympics, Rio de Janeiro 2016, and Tokyo 2020.

Anita Alvarez – synchronized swimming

Anita was born in New York to a Mexican father and competes in synchronized swimming. In 2022, when she was 25, she made headlines for fainting in the women’s individual artistic freestyle final. Since that moment, he has recovered and won four medals at the World Swimming Championships, in 2023 and 2024.

Angelica Delgado – Godot

Angelica, a two-time Olympian, competed in the 2016 and 2020 Olympics, and remains the highest-ranked female athlete in the world. Team USA. His father, Miguel, also practiced judo and taught him everything he knew. Angelica’s father fled Cuba in the 1980s in search of political and religious freedom and headed to Miami.

“Without him I would not have put on the uniform. My father was a member of the Cuban national judo team and when I was nine years old he started teaching me in our backyard.”The athlete revealed in her review on the online portal USA Judo.

Angelika won three bronze medals at the Pan American Games between 2011 and 2023, and nine medals at the Pan American Judo Championships between 2011 and 2024.

Sofia Huerta and Ashley Sanchez – Premier League

Sofia Huertadefender and, Ashley SanchezMidfielder, They are both Mexican-American, and are part of the USWNT. Sanchez made his debut for the United States national team on November 27, 2021 against Australia.

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Huerta is among a growing group of dual nationality athletes who face sometimes difficult decisions about which country to represent in international competitions.

As a young player, Sofía was part of the Mexico national team. With dreams of playing for the United States in the World Cup, he asked to change soccer federations. She made her debut for the United States women’s national soccer team on September 15, 2017. After facing her former team on April 8, 2018, she became the first player to play for both the United States and Mexico national teams.

There are still challenges to overcome

Despite growth and investment, women’s sports in the United States still face some challenges. Conclusion of the professional women’s fast throwing team USSSA Pride And Oklahoma City Spark departs from WPF They are concrete examples of the fragility of some women’s leagues and teams. Lack of funding and difficulty attracting sponsors are contributing factors to these situations.

Even the most successful athletes, like Kaitlyn Clark, face a significant pay gap compared to their male counterparts. Clark’s contract $338,056 over four years It conflicts with the contract $55 million for four years That happened Victor Wembanyamathe first pick in the 2023 NBA draft. This disparity reflects the unequal value placed on women’s sports and the work of female athletes.

Women’s sports in the United States are experiencing an unprecedented boom, but there is still a long way to go to achieve full justice and development. Challenges such as disappearing teams, instability in leagues, varying salaries and lack of access to opportunities are obstacles to overcome.

However, the future of women’s sports is promising. The growing interest from fans, the talent of female athletes, and the commitment of some sporting organizations are positive signs of the shift towards more equitable and inclusive sport. Through concrete and sustainable actions, women’s sport will be able to continue breaking down barriers, inspiring new generations and reaching new heights.

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